About Us

Who we are

WE are specialized Companies in AGRO  business Globally (EXPORT & IMPORT), based in SUDAN, This Group been Established in 2014 by the Founder Mr. Mohamed Mustafa

WE are 17 professional companies that work  harmonically and covering the whole supply chain process,( Finance, Procurement, Warehousing, Transportation, filtering& Packing, clearance, Forwarding , Sales , Marketing, Supply chain, and customer Services)

 OUR agro products such as Oilseeds, Pulses and Herbs (Watermelon Seeds, Reddish Sesame Seeds, Whitish Sesame Seeds, Peanut, Pigeon Peas, Hibiscus, Arabic Gum, coriander and Chickpeas … etc)

Our most valuable asset is the company reputation locally and globally

What we do

Our strength comes from that beside our trading business as companies , each of us are professional in certain role in the supply chain in bound and out bound.

Financing: In order to ensure the conduct of all operations in the group, RAFRIM TRADING ENTERPRISES is following up and managing the  bank financing  for the whole group.

Purchasing & Transportation: All of our procurement is done by SHEVO TRADING ENTERPRISES is responsibility of  buying the best agricultural crops while providing the best prices that can give us an advantage in the market, with the Assembly warehouses across five states in SUDAN, along with transportation fleet of 15 Trucks with a capacity of 40 MT/Trucks and Five Trucks with Capacity of 25 MT/Truck.

Warehousing : WADI ELNAKHEL TRADING is responsible of Ourwarehousing, by implement the best warehousing standard (FIFO) according to ISO 9001Quality Management System as well HSE.

FILTERING & PACKING CROPS: We have 6 Filtering and packing machines with a capacity of filtering and packing 360  MT/Per day and One Color SROTER machine with capacity of 50 MT/Day operating by  MADILCO TRADING ENTERPRISES, based in East of Sudan (Port Sudan) Which is the seaport, thus any other crops can be shifted to Port – Sudan and be ready for export at less time. As well Two filtering and packing machine based on ALJAZEERA state with capacity of 80 MT/ day managed by.

Sales: Our Global sales done by two international companies  are located in two countries as  SHAFAF FOODSTUFF TRADING  located in UAE and MORSHY FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT based in EGYPT.

Marketing: Our marketing is done globally by Coral for advance business CO. who are expert in global market studiesClereance: represented by MONTATRADING ENTERPRISES concerned with  all Clereance process, Documentation, Customs and all other related  certificates required from other authorities and as well the shipping documents.

FORWORDING : AMM Resources Global for Investment CO. are taking care of all  type of shipping services Land and sea,  with a wide network of relationships with agents of shipping lines, and has cooperation agreements with land transport companies which provides More than 70 different trucks, as well ensuring thet all of our cargo are Fully insured against any hazard.

SUPPLY CHAIN: Within the framework of sustainable development in the export development sector we established in 2020 supply chain management to enhance our services to meet the wishes of our customers, CATENA TRADING is one of our group that their core function  to planning, organizing, stuffing, leading and controlling over the ERP system, On the other hand, JOE JACK TRADING ENTERPRISES  represent the financial aspect in conjunction with the ERP system, both CATENA and JOE JACK had major role that they working in harmonically to follow up with the MORSHY Group in their core roles to ensure the efficiency of the whole business model to reach the customer delight (finance, procurement, distribution, warehouse, filtering, and packaging, clearance, redirection, sales).

Customer Services: In order to provide the best services with high quality, in our group, we place our client in the utmost importance, R&Z TRADING ENTERPRISES plays a close role with the clients following up the shipments for each customer starting from the sales contract until the customer receives the shipment.

Importing: We had to complete the group’s supply chain by adding the import process from abroad in order to be able to make the most of the advantage of the export operations in the import process, and here HOMEKA TRADING ENTERPRISES carries out the import process for the group according to what the Sudanese internal market requires.

Corporate Social Responsibility: ROSH TRADING ENTERPRISES runs and takes care of this great role in our group, OUR social responsibility as it’s our self-Commitment which aims to contribute  by engaging a new fresh graduate in paid training programs every two months,  executing small business projects for  poor families and ensure  sustainable development and poverty eradication...


Our Vision is to share Sudanese excellent crops with the world, by having global recognition as one of the leading trading enterprises in exporting in Sudan and the fastest delivery by implementing OTIF model to get it done.


Our mission is to “Deliver the Best on time “, through providing brilliant services of the operation and logistics.

Our Team

Our team of diligent professionals comprises Quality controllers, Packaging experts, Sales & Marketing, and Supply Chain.

Mohamed Mustafa

Group GM

Yasser Hassan

Morshy for Services Manager

Ibrahim Mustafa

Operation Manager

Emad Eldin Mohammed

Shams Manager

Shareef A.Elkareem

Senior Accountant

Mezab Mohamed Khalid

Supply Chain Coordinator